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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Terrible Jokes About Advertising

Hey, guys!

So it occurred to me today that there are not nearly enough jokes about advertising students. Therefore, I took the liberty of writing a few of my own. Everyone brace yourselves--hilarity is about to ensue.

What did the 12-99 title say to the advertising student?

I’m all about that base  

How many advertising postgraduate students at Sheridan College does it take to screw in a light bulb?

PFFFFT the entire class! So yeah just that one guy.

An advertising student picks up a garbage can, dumps it on his head, and then runs around campus yelling and chasing people. His Professor asks "what are you doing?" The student responds "trying to get some gross impressions".

Why did the advertising student throw hornet’s nests at all of his Facebook friends? 

He was trying to engage in Swarm marketing
 photo Castiel--ThatsABadJoke.gif

Why did no one show up to the Sheridan Advertising Association meeting? 

I don’t know, I guess they didn’t really get the message out there…

An advertising student walks into a mattress store. Immediately, they pull out a knife and start poking holes in all of the mattresses. A sales representative runs over and yells “what do you think you are doing!?” The advertising student responds “I’m looking for something”. The sales representative goes “what could you possibly be looking for inside a mattress?” The student responds “I’m trying to have a springsight."

What's black and white and red all over?

A print advertisement in a newspaper that’s black plus one colour

What did the Sheridan student say to the HR representative at the advertising agency?

In addition to having extensive experience generating an advertising campaign, I am proficient in various industry-specific software including Adobe InDesign and Nielsen Clear Decisions. Yah she nailed that interview.

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